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Tourist information in Kittilä area is provided by Levi Tourist Information centre. The Tourist Information is located in Levi Origo-building next to the traffic roundabout, together with the Levi Travel Central Booking Office.


In the Tourist Information a traveller can find answers to puzzling questions concerning, for instance, timetables, opening hours, restaurants, programmes, trips, routes and sights.


The Tourist Information provides you with maps, fishing licences and brochures. You can also book accommodation and programme services locally.


The Central Booking Office offers the widest selection of accommodation and programme services in Levi. Also different meeting- and group travel arrangements are convenient to organize through the Central Booking Office.


Tourist Information Service and Central Booking Office

Levi Travel Oy
Myllyjoentie 2, 99130 Levi
Phone number: (016) 639 3300
Fax: (016) 643 469


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