Technical department

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The duty of the technical depertment is to organize safe and pleasant technical services in the community and the necessary spaces for the municipality in an economical and practical manner, to promote diversity, comfort and to preserve good building manner in natural and constructed environment.


The technical department is responsible for following tasks:


1.   Planning land use that includes general planning.
2.   Controlling and caring for the municipality's land and water areas, streets, parks and other public areas, and developing water supply.
3.   Planning and building office spaces.
4.   Official duties in private road legislation that has been appointed to the municipality in legislation.
5.   Monitoring building and other activities that affect the environment.
6.   Monitoring and promoting nature conservation.


Activities in technical department:


Plots for detached houses
Plots for holiday houses
Planning and surveying
Building inspection
Environmental protection
Streets and building green areas
Facility maintenance
Water and sewerage maintenance
Cleaning and food services
Private roads



Lauri Kurula, Technical Director, phone number 040 540 6357
Matti Niska, Building Inspector, phone number 0400 396 074
Mauri Kenttälä, Building Inspector, phone number 040 550 3717
Lauri Hettula, Building Engineer, phone number 0400 943 634
Pekka Nyman, Building Inspector, phone number 040 550 3717
Mauri Kivelä, Property Manager, phone number 040 674 4393
Eija Heikkinen, Food Service Director, phone number 040 541 0137
Päivi Kivimäki, Clerk, phone number 040 764 7682
Hillevi Levirinne, Clerk/customer service, phone number 040 764 9172
Anneli Puolakka, Clerk, phone number 040 6850 244
Veli-Matti Virtanen, Surveying Technician, phone number 040 581 1889
Toni Juuti, Surveying Engineer, phone number 040 762 2917
Risto Mansikkasalo, Surveyor, 0400 981 988
Horticulturist (on summers), phone number 040 825 1113
Pentti Kangas, Civil Engineer, phone number 0400 862 532
Piippa Wäli, Environmental Inspector, phone number 040 847 9552


E-mail addresses are formed: first name.last name(at)
(remember to replace ä and ö with a and o)

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