Special early education

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Special early education is a part of municipal day care. It will be applied when a child needs more support in growth, development and learning.


Who gets special day care? Any child in ordinary families who, for some reason, needs more support in any stage of development. In special day care a child receives a learning environment that is suitable for his/her individual needs. A child also receives an individual rehabilitation plan that states his/her strengths and skills that need training.


Families, as well as psychotherapists, physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, nurses, social- and family workers work closely together with special day care.


Special day care helps parents with issues concerning a child's development and upbringing. Parents and day care workers can contact a special kindergarten teacher when something bothers in a child's development, or everyday life is not going well for some reason. It is possible then to consider together solutions that ease the situation, and map out a possible need for other experts. A necessary supportive action should be taken as early as possible in order to benefit a child.


Rehabilitating day care is available in day care centres and private day care in Kittilä. There are personal and group aides in day care centres who can help in integrating a child into the daily rhythm of a day care centre as equally as possible.


The support of special day care is available for families in following situations:

- delayed speech/language
- delay in development or immaturity
- difficulties in emotional life and/or behaviour
- special difficulties in neurological development – special difficulties in perceiving
- special difficulties in linguistic development
- visual-, hearing-, motion- and CP handicap
- autistic disorder
- long-term diseases (diabetes, epilepsy, rheumatism, muscular diseases etc.)
- special need in upbringing


Special kindergarten teachers in day care:
Soila-Marja Muraja, tel. 040 648 2089, Sirkka day care centre, Ounasjoentie 25,99130 Sirkka
Annika Myllykoski, tel. 040 672 0237, day care centre Muksula, Havutie 2 ,99100 Kittilä
Eila Mäkitalo, tel. 040 668 6084, day care centre Pikkumettä, Havutie 4, 99100 Kittilä.

e-mails are formed: first name.last name(at)kittila.fi


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