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Over the past few decades, Sirkka has rapidly changed from a traditional village into a settlement located next to a tourist resort. The Levi activity resort is located in the village of Sirkka, and it brings numerous services into the village, along with jobs, entrepreneurship, and visitors from Finland and abroad. The villagers in Sirkka organize several events annually.

Location: Roughly 18 km north of the village of Kittilä.

Population: About 890.

Places of interest: The Levi and Kätkä fells, walking routes, cross-country skiing tracks, the year-round activity resort of Levi with its services, outdoor swimming and Immeljärvi lake.

Levi is a year-round activity resort just 15 minutes from Kittilä airport by car. Its versatile services and environment create a setting for a holiday that offers unique experiences in the Lapland environment every day. A modern constructed environment in a fell landscape offers a strong experience to travellers.

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Sirkka village video on YouTube, summer 2010.

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