School and education

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The municipality of Kittilä has six schools that provide basic education. In the Kittilä town centre there is high school (classes 7-9) and elementary school (classes 1-6). Schools in other villages, in Alakylä, Kaukonen, Sirkka and Raattama offer classes in elementary school.

In the village of Kittilä there is also an upper secondary school and Levi Institute that offers vocational basic education. In those schools you can study in Alpine School. There are also various opportunities for adult education and post-graduate studies.


Department of Free Education and Culture

School Office, Free Education and Culture
Street address: Valtatie 15, FI-99100 Kittilä
Head of Education and Culture, substitute, Aarne Mäkelä, telephone 040 705 7486

Department of free education and culture

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