Reporting malfunction

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Street lights

Malfunction reports concerning street lights can be made directly to the electric company which maintains the lights, Rovakaira Oy/Kittilä. A malfunction report can be done also by calling during office hours between 8-16, by e-mail or filling in a form below to the municipality's Civil Engineer, phone number 0400 862 532.


Lights on the cross-country skiing tracks

When it comes to the lights on the cross-country skiing tracks, a malfunction report is done by filling in the form below or by calling the municipality's horticulturist, phone number 040 825 1113


Winter maintenance

Urgent feedback concerning winter maintenance should be given straight to the contractor.


The village of Kittilä

Ploughing of the streets, winter season 10/2008-5/2013
Trasportation Matti Leppänen Oy, phone number 0400 394 410

Preventing street slipperiness (sanding), winter seasons 10/2008-5/2013
Facility maintenance Puntalot Ay, phone number 0400 258 755


Levi region

Ploughing of the streets, winter seasons 10/2008-5/2013
Lumibois Oy, phone number 0500 800 300 and Konetyö Ylläsjärvi Oy, phone number 0400 393 576
Preventing slipperiness (sanding), winter seasons 10/2008-5/2013
Lumibois Oy, phone number 0500 800 300

The attached map shows which area in Levi belongs to which contractor.
Map: Winter maintenance contractors and targets in Levi region (pdf, 1 Mt)

Feedback regarding winter maintenance can be given on the form below or to the municipality's Civil Engineer during office hours. Phone number 0400 862 532


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