Private day care

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Families that choose a private service provider as their form of children's day care are entitled to private day care support for each child. The support starts when parental support ends and continues until a child enters school.


Support for private care is paid directly to the service provider. The service provider can be a private person or a community that takes care of children for a charge, or a private person who has made a contract with a parent. A private service provider must notify the School Board of their activity before starting. The notification must be done in writing and it is in free form. The municipality supervises the service provider.


A family can apply for support for private care from National Pensions Institute (KELA). Kela's web pages offer more information on the preconditions, income limits and the amount of benefits in private care support.


Municipal bonus

The municipality of Kittilä pays a so-called municipal bonus for children's private day care. The preconditions for the bonus are the same as for the support paid by Kela. The same form can be used applying for the municipal bonus and Kela support. The actual application, employment contract, clearance of the day care service provider and the employee's tax deduction card or the service provider's excerpt from the registry of preliminary taxation must be delivered in the municipal office to Marketta Toivola, the deputy day care instructor. Both the employment contract and the service provider must be accepted by the municipality. The municipal bonus will be paid under following preconditions:

Need for care

All day care: over 11 days a month (over 5 h a day) – 168,20 €/month
All day care: under 11 days a month – 100,90 €/month
Part time care: over 11 days a month (under 50 h/two weeks) – 100,90 €/month

The municipal bonus is paid for the employee or the service provider. The municipality taxes the bonus according to the employee's tax rate. Parents as employers pay the employer's charges. Pay day is the last day of each month.

Service centre for the small employer gives advice for homes and employees in many issues concerning hiring an employee. Phone number 0200 6600 is subject to a charge.

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