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Lasten esiopetusta KittilässäA 6-year-old child (entering school the following year) is entitled to a free-of-charge municipal preschool. Preschool is an important phase in a child's life. Preschool supports individual learning – a child learns while interacting and playing with other children.


Preschool follows its own curriculum. Taking part in preschool is voluntary.


Applying for preschool takes place on a separate form Application for preschool (bottom of the page). You can use the same application applying for a place in day care for a preschool child.


Preschool is provided in the day care centres in Kittilä and Sirkka. More information is available in day care centres. In other villages preschool is organized in connection with actual school.


More information about preschool in school and transportation to preschool:

Head of Education and Culture, Ilse Seurujärvi
Phone number 040 167 9247


If a child needs day care in addition to preschool, day care fees will be charged:
part time fee for under 5 h a day, and an all day fee for more than 5 h a day.
For the times when preschool is not organized, such as summer months, a normal day care fee is charged.


Applications for preschool:

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