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Pokka is one of the most northernmost villages of Kittilä, close to the Inari municipality border. Known for the amount of snow it receives, Pokka also holds the Finnish record for low temperatures: in 1999, a numbing -51.5°C was recorded. The village has its own airfield. The Taatsin Seita stone in Pokka is a rocky steeple that stands on steep, rocky cliffs to the north of craggy lake Taatsijärvi. In ancient times, it was one of Lapland's greatest sites of worship and sacrifice.


Location: Roughly 87 km northeast of the parish village of Kittilä.

Population: Around 10

Places of interest: The Kirsti Pokka museum, the old sacrificial stone of Taatsin Seita, and the Uurrekarkia viewpoint (a former fire watch lookout tower).

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Pokka village video on YouTube, summer 2010.


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