Physiotherapy and medical equipment

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Open hours

Physiotherapy unit is open on weekdays between 7-16. The personnel are best available during the unit's telephone times: Mon-Fri 8-9.



Physical therapists

Pekka Kiviniemi, phone number 040 774 9560

Erja Kiviniemi, phone number 0400 842 032

Mia Johanssen, phone number 0400 269 719

Minna Paasilinna, phone number  040 162 2144

Occupational therapist, telephone: 040 661 7119

Home medical equipment


Crutches are loaned from the policlinic. Other home medical equipment are loaned and returned in the facility store of the physiotherapy unit. An agreement about a loan is made with a client.

Loaning is free of charge. Facility service includes guiding the use, renewing and maintenance.

Short-term loan is three months, after surger for instance. On long-term loans there must be a medical reason and a financial obligation from a doctor.



Kittilä health centre, rehabilitation and physical therapy

Facility lending is open Mon-Fri 7.00-15.00. Phone number 040 774 9560


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