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Exhibition area in the main library (phone number 040 728 5733) can be used, free of charge, for small art exhibitions etc.



There are four internet computers in the main library and one in the mobile library. Both have printing and scanning possibilities. Using the internet is free, prints cost 0,20€/a page. In addition there is a wireless Sparknet-connection that requires a library card and a pass number. There is a possibility for a temporary user-id in the library.


Photo copies

Photo copies can be made in the main library and in the mobile library (A4, black and white). Prices are:
- 0,20€/A4, black and white
- 0,60€/A4, coloured
- 0,40€/A3, black and white
- 1€/A3, coloured
- two-sided copies are charged the double amount.
Prices include VAT 24%

Micro film reading and fax

There is a device for reading micro films and a fax machine in the library. Sending a fax costs 1 €+0,40 €/ a page.


You can read Finnish digital newspapers using the internet computers in the main library.
Browse the service: ePress

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