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Information about the organization and it's structure in the municipality of Kittilä can be found in the organization-section. Some parts of the pages are still a work in progress.


The highest power of decision in Kittilä belongs to the local council that has 27 council members. The permanent members and their substitutes are elected every fourth year in the municipal election.


The local government is responsible for the municipal administration and economy and preparing, executing and monitoring the legality of the decisions.


Presentation of the elected bodies


Office organization


The mayor

Substitude mayor

Antti Jämsén, phone number +358 40 745 9830


Administration department

Administrative Director

Sanna Ylinampa, phone number +358 40 653 0774 


Finance department


Tuija Lång, phone number +358 40 672 4257



The municipality of Kittilä empleyes about 480 persons. The contact information of the personnel:

Sivua päivitetty: