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The northern village of Pulju is a true wilderness village. The advantages of Pulju lie in its peacefulness and natural beauty. Close to the village starts the Pulju wilderness area, where the Puljutunturi Fell rises to a height of almost 500 metres. In the local dialect, pulju means ‘ridge’.


Location: Roughly 74 km north of the parish village of Kittilä

Population: About 30

Places of interest: The Puljutunturi backpacking route and shelter, the Narkioja signposted cross-country skiing tracks, the Narkioja teepee shelter, the Puljutunturi wilderness area and the Nivanmaa teepee shelter.

Contact information

Pulju web page (in Finnish)  pulju-lompolo.lappi.fi

Pulju village video on YouTube, summer 2010.



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