Parking control

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Parking ticket in Kittilä-Levi region is 40€. Parking control is the responsibility of the police.


Parking restrictions in Levi centre

The map shows parking restrictions in Levi centre:

Parking restrictions in Levi, updated 31.1.2011 (pdf, 345 kt)


Protest – parking ticket

The driver, owner or possessor of a vehicle who considers a parking ticket, payment order or payment raise to be groundless has a right to protest the ticket within the term of payment to a traffic warden. Protesting does not extend the term of payment. The payment will be returned to the bank account that a payer announces if the protest is accepted.


Link to the protest form:

Protest form (pdf)
Print the form, sign and mail it to the traffic warden to the following address:

The municipality of Kittilä
Technical department/parking control
Valtatie 15
99100 Kittilä

or electronically to:



A protest can also be made on weekdays Mon-Fri between 8-16 in the service point of the municipal office. Address: Valtatie 15, Kittilä

Northern Lapland police department/inspector Eero Vänskä, phone number 071 87 66 402 (during office hours) investigates and processes written protests and requests, if necessary, further clearances from e.g. the police officer who wrote the parking ticket or from the municipality's technical department. A written decision is made on a protest, and it will be mailed to the client.

An appeal can be made in the Administrative Court about the traffic warden's decision. An appeal must be delivered within 30 days of the decision in the Administrative Court in Rovaniemi. An appeal letter must include the decision of a traffic warden, a certificate of payment and other possible clearances that a person wants to refer to and that has not been previously presented.

Contact information for the Rovaniemi Administrative Court:

Postal Address: PL 8112, 96101 Rovaniemi
Visiting address: Valtakatu 17, Oikeustalo
Telephone switchboard: 0100 86 300 and 010 36 42900
Fax: 010 36 42995
e-mail: rovaniemi.hao(at)


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