Emergency duty and first aid

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Kittilä health centre

Emergency duty

Kittilä health centre, Sairaalantie 2, 99100 Kittilä

Fax 016 643 518 (reception)


Emergency duty on weekdays between 8-16, policlinic reception

Doctors' policlinic reception, appointments 0400 356 498

Nurses' policlinic reception, appointments 0400356 498


Emergency duty on weekday evenings after 4 p.m. and on weekends and holy days

Kittilä works in an emergemcy duty circle together with Kolari and Muonio-Enontekiö every third day on weekdays after 4 p.m. and on weekends and holy days after 8 a.m.


In emergency duty cases always contact Kittilä health centre first in 0400 356 498, eveninga and weekends also in 016 510 0200. A nurse evaluates the need for treatment which determines further treatment.

An ambulance is ordered by calling 112. Bring your KELA-card.


Non-urgent care need

When a need for care is not urgent, an appointment with a doctor or a nurse is booked. Contact information can be found in Appointment: a doctor's or a nurse's reception.

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