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Open on weekdays Mon-Thu between 8.15-15.45 and Fri between 8.15-14.45


X-ray examinations are done only with a doctor's referral. The referring doctor gives answers and statements from the x-ray pictures.



An appointment can be made at x-ray office, phone number 040 834 3580 between 10-14.45 or with your own area's nurses.

The most common native x-ray examinations that doctors need are done in the health centre. There is also an OPTG-device in x-ray for dental imaging. Skin imaging that are done with a digital camera are also done in x-ray.

There are digital equipment in x-ray that were installed in 2005 for imaging. Rtg-picture reading, saving and image transferring are done with electronic systems. Pictures can be taken home on a cd-disc if necessary.

X-ray examinations with a referral from a private doctor cost 63,10 € (2019).

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