Waste management legislation

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Waste Management Act was renewed in 1.5.2010.

Information about the reform to entrepreneurs in waste management and waste producers can be found in

Publication by the Ministry of Environment – current information about the waste management act reform, May 2010.

Waste management act (646/2011)

This act will be valid from 1.5.2012. This act repeals the waste management act from 1993 (1072/1993) and waste management statute (1390/1993). However, the 35§ of the 1993 waste management act and chapter 4 of the waste management statute concerning waste maintenance work will remain valid after the new act takes force. Also the statutes and decisions that were issued by the Council of State and the Ministry of Environment according to the waste management act of 1993 will remain valid unless they are contradictory to the reform, until legislated otherwise.


The Council of State statute on waste (179/2012)

This statute will take force in 1.5.2012.

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