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Kino Yläri

Kino Yläri is the movie theatre in Kittilä (Valtatie 9A). There is a 35 mm movie machine in use in the theatre. The activity in Kino Yläri has slowed down for the time being because of the transition to digital age. In the future, movies are shown when it is possible.

Kino Yläri operates in the auditorium of high school building on Wednesdays and Sundays. There are 144 seats in Kino Yläri in an ascending auditorium. Upcoming movies are shown on the municipality of Kittilä front page at events when the programme is confirmed and Finnish site of Yläri:

Tickets and age limits

Tickets to Kino Yläri
2D moviest:
8€ adults
6€ children under 18 years old, students, pensioners
3D elokuvat:
9€ adults
7€ children under 18 years old, students, pensioners

The age limit is stated in brackets following the name of the movie. Lower age limit is valid with an adult.
Follow announcements in Kittilä-lehti, in the event calendar of the municipality and in Kino Yläri's Facebook pages.

Tickets can be bought in advance from Kittilä municipality's information (address Valtatie 15, open Mon-Fri 8-11 ans 11.45-16). Cash, debit and credit cards accepted, also Smartum notes, Smartum card and Ticket Mind&Body card.

In Kino Yläri, tickets can be bought by cash or Smartum notes.


Kino Yläri
Valtatie 9 A, 99100 Kittilä
Phone number: 040 568 1356 (cultural secretary)
e-mail: kulttuuritoimisto(at)


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