Nature trails and hiking tracks

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In the vast area of Kittilä there are a lot of different sceneries and space to wander in nature. While in the nature it is possible to pick berries, fish or take photographs, or even to get to know historical sights.

There are plenty of winter and summer trails in Levi. Winter activities are possible in snowmobile- and cross-country skiing tracks and on ski slopes. During summer there is an abundant network for hiking, themes, mountain biking and downhill biking.


The 300 km-long river Ounasjoki flows through Kittilä. There are also areas in the municipality and nearby for skiing, hiking and fishing on the lake Pyhäjärvi or the river Kapsajoki. These areas are maintained by the National Board of Forestry.


Hiking tracks


Hiking tracks in Levi area

There are nature trails in Levi area that are maintained by the municipality of Kittilä and equipped with pictures: "Huippupolku" 600 m, where it is possible to admire the landscape even if you move with a wheelchair or a pram, "Jääkausipolku" 9 km starts at the front slope and Levi Summit, "Entisaikain eloa" 18 km starts where Levi trails start, "Suurnoita Päiviön polku" 1,1 km starts at the road that surrounds Levi and "Rykimäpolku" 15 km starts where Kätkä-trails start.


In Levi area there are marked trails with different lengths. The network of trails is represented on Levi pages where you can also find a map of the trails. A more extensive hiking and mountain biking route map of the Levi area  (Levi, Kätkätunturi, Pyhätunturi and Aakenustunturi) is for sale in Levi Travel (phone number 016 639 3300) and in Kittilä information (phone number 0400 356 500). You can view the routes here: Levi hiking map 2016 and Levi mountain biking map 2020.

More on biking; see Visit Levi's pages!

Winter walking tracks

There are 23 km of winter walking and cycling  tracks and an additional 5 km of snowshoe routes (no maintenance on this route).

Route departures: Lastenmaa, Levin Matkailu (Myllyjoentie 2), Mylly (Myllyjoentie 1), also at South Point (Levin Empire 1050) and Daivi (Golfway 9). There are parking spaces at these starting points.

On some winter walking routes, it is also possible to walk without snowshoes, but safety is possible on the routes with snowshoes. There are separate sections on the map marked only for snowshoeing. For cycling on winter cycling routes, you need a wide-ring mountain bike (fatbike), which can be rented from the area, for example, from Zeropoint and from the area's winter sports shops.
Map of Levi winter walking trails 2020 (pdf)

Hiking routes and rest places on the map at
You can find all the hiking routes, breaks and other information about Kittilä and the surrounding areas on the Retkikartta service. Check out:

Scenic destinations



The fell Aakenus is located in western Kittilä, near Ylläs. It is about 565 m high. It is a part of the Pallas-Ylläs National Park. The nature trail and skiing and hiking tracks in Aakenustunturi start from the yard of Totovaara log cabin. The hiking map for Levi and Aakenustunturi is for sale in Levi Travel (016 639 3300) and in Kittilä information (0400 356 500).



Kumputunturi is a fell in the municipality that is steep on one side and gently sloping on the other side. The peak is 581 metres above the sea level. Kumputunturi and its surroundings are a part of the Natura conservation area. More than half of the old forests on the slopes and at the foot of the dominant Kumputunturi are over 200-year-old pine forests. Other forests consist of over 200-year-old spruce copses and younger pine forests. Forests are in their natural state. The higher portion of the area consists of mostly stone blocks.

More information about Kumputunturi on page (in Finnish).


Pallas-Yllästunturi National park

Those who are looking for longer marked network of tracks and a possibility to spend a night in nature can find wonderful hiking trails in Pallas-Yllästunturi National park. It is located within the area of Enontekiö, Muonio, Kittilä and Kolari and it is 1020 sq km wide.

Pallas-Yllästunturi National park in service


Pulju wilderness area

Experienced hikers can try Pulju wilderness area which consists of big bogs and many wooded hills. Within the Pulju wilderness there are no marked trails but there are a few established, unmarked tracks in the terrain. Some of these tracks can be seen in the maps of the area.

More info on Pulju wilderness area,

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