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About the pages

The municipality's new website was published at the beginning of 2011 (english version in 2013). The pages follow the new visual image of the municipality of Kittilä with blue and gold colours. The new pages contain more information compared to the old website. Information has been outlined from the fact and service point of view in order to better serve the inhabitants of the municipality and those who are interested in the municipal issues. Feedback from the new pages is requested from the inhabitants of the municipality and from everyone who uses the pages in order to develope the pages so that thet will serve better in the future


The new image portrays Kittilä

In addition to the official symbol, coat of arms, a visual image has been created for the municipality. The communication material is easily identifiable in the image. Dark blue, a colour that depicts river and the peaceful polar night, and gold representing spring snow, the long light period and vitality, were selected as colours.


A necessary reform

The web pages of one's own municipality are a popular visiting place and a place where to ger information for someone using the internet. Web pages are an easy way for a municipality to offer up-to-date information in a cost efficient way. The web pages are also a calling card for the rest of Finland and the world. The reform was necessary also for the reason that the old pages were outdated in structure, information and security. The municipality's web pages are realised with an open source code publication system. The advantage of the platform is an easy input of information, varied functions and page options.


Information is easier to find on the new web pages

The municipality's new web pages are grouped in a way that makes it easier to scan and find the municipality's services. Often a certain service or a solution to a problem is looked for on the municipality's web pages. Instead of headlining the pages according to municipal departments they are now headlined according to services. A person flipping through these pages does no longer have to know in advance which department of the municipality provides a certain service. The main headlines of the pages have been made according to the valid recommendation by the public administration (JHS 145). The service menu was worked, and it is still being worked, so that it is more suitable for the services in the municipality of Kittilä.


The Kittilä web pages are still a work in progress so feedback and suggestions for further development are wellcome. The new publication system of the pages enables also a multi-channel publication which is used in the mobile service in Kittilä


If there are problems in using the pages you can give feedback with a feedback formor by sending e-mail (contact information can be found at the bottom of the page). Most common problems and the answers to them have been compiled into the following link.

Information about the www-pages:

Nina Willman, nina.willman(at), phone number 0400 356 027

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