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The first mobile pages of the municipality of Kittilä were published in spring 2011 and renewed in 2015. Visit the mobile pages in


Kittilä in mobile service

-    The entrepreneurs of the region can participate in producing the contents by sending Twitter-messages into "Kittilä tips" in the mobile service.
-    The businesses in Kittilä can be found in the mobile register of the municipality's economy services. The click-to-call function makes a direct contact easier.
-    The newest events and movies can be found in the event calendar.
-    The villages of Kittilä can be found on a map.
-    The cultural sights have been represented.


At the beginning of 2011 the new mobile service of Levi was opened. The Levi mobile service offers information about the slopes and the cross-country skiing tracks, the events and services in Levi, weather information and maps.


Get familiar with mobile pages!


The mobile pages are tailored especially to be used on a mobile phone, but they function also in a computer.
Kittilä –
Levi –


Although reception must still be improved at some places in Kittilä, a mobile service is a thing of today. Approximately one million visitors come to Mountain Lapland each year, many of them bring their smart phones with them instead of computers. A mobile phone is more often the tool that is used when looking for information about the region at the location. To bring the services into the attention of travellers and locals, it is worthwhile to the local businesses to appear in mobile services. It is also a wish that investing in electronic services creates pressure to enhance reception of the mobile network.


The mobile service has been ordered from Starcut Software Oy. The mobile services of Kittilä and Levi have been produced in Levi Digit-project which is realised as a cooperative project between the municipality of Kittilä and different quarters of the region. The profect leader is Kideve Kittilä Development. The objective is to realise the project between 1.10.2009-31.12.2011. The project gets funding from the Regional Competitiveness and Employment Objective in Northern Lapland – project. The responsible official for funding is Lapland ELY-centre.


More information:

Katariina Palola, Head of Industry and Commerce, Kideve Kittilä Development/the municipality of Kittilä
Phone number 0400 955 472

Katja Kaunismaa, Project Manager, Kideve Kittilä Development/the municipality of Kittilä
phone number 0400 356 431



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