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Kirjanselkämaa was organized as a village in 2011. Local business and a growing number of holidaymakers liven up this small hamlet. The area's name, which means ‘book spine land’, derives from the way the fells lie across the land, resembling an open book.


A road from Köngäs to Tepasto was built in 1940-50's and at the same time Kirjanselkämaa, which is located halfway between Köngäs and Tepasto, got it's first inhabitants. Before the road came, people travelled on the river Ounasjoki by a boat or walked. During winters, the method of transportation was reindeer, horses or skis. Kirjanselkämaa is known as a good place to hunt and pick berries.


Location: Roughly 36 km north of the village of Kittilä

Population: About 10–20

Places of interest: : In the village operates upon request an accommodation and restaurant enterprise which is also accessible by snowmobile.

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