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Kiistala, Lintula and Rouravaara are three villages that share a close proximity to the Kittilä gold mine. Kiistala is located on lake Sammakkojärvi and the Loukinen river, a tributary of the Ounasjoki river. Lintula has a traditional appearance that makes it one of Lapland’s most representative in terms of showing life in the far north. Rouravaara is a mining village that also features one of Finland's northernmost dairy cattle farms.


Location: The villages are located about 45–50 km northeast of the village of Kittilä.

Population: About 80 in total.

Places of interest: The Kittilä gold mine, the traditional scenic village of Lintula, hiking trails, and shelters and lean-tos (Lintula, Loukinen, and Autiomukka).

Kiistala web page

Kiistala village video on YouTube summer 2010.

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