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Kelontekemä is located in a landscape of meadows and high fells, next to the biggest lake in Kittilä, Kelontekemäjärvi, where the fish are plentiful. In summer, the village landscape is aglow with flowery pastures; in winter it is snowy, dark and peaceful. Kelontekemä holds a traditional summer festival every year in the last week of July.


Location: Roughly 48 km southeast of the village of Kittilä.

Population: About 105.

Places of interest: The old Kaitamaa cemetery, a community hall, a barn museum, the islands of Manalaissaari and Saijansaari, boating and ice fishing, the Kumputunturi fell, and a multitude of huts and shelters (for example in Kiiskimukka, Uutosenkumpu, Luusua, Tepsankenttä) for canoeists, hikers and hunters.


Kelontekemä village video on You Tube summer 2010.

Contact information

Kelontekemä web page


The village association rents out a tent for events and parties.
More information from Eila Myllyoja, phone number 040 510 3550, kelontekema.kylayhdistys(at)
-    the tent is white, 6x12 m, pvc-plastic, weighs 388 kg.
-    height of a side 2 m, height of the ridge 3,03 m.
-    fireproof, waterproof roof and walls.
-    entrance door at both ends.
-    possible to transport it in a trailer to the party location.
-    120€ a day


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