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One of the largest and oldest villages on the Ounasjoki river, Kaukonen is a lively and pleasant village offering many services and recreational facilities including the village hall. Kaukonen has modern infrastructure, yet the village has also been declared a scenic landscape area of national importance.


Location: About 18 km south of the village of Kittilä on Route 79.

Population: About 350.

Places of interest: The Särestöniemi Museum, the historic Hakala farm, the Holmanlinna war memorial, an ice-hockey rink, ancient Kulppi pine tree, the Ounas village hall, a running track, a horse trotting track, a sports field, the Gallery Villa Magia, and a shooting range.

Kaukonen web page

Kaukonen info sign (2012)

Kaukonen village video on You Tube summer 2010.

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