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This scenic village lies between two lakes: lake Kallojärvi and Syväjärvi. In Kallo, they say the village ‘lies right between the eyes’, a saying that ties in nicely with the local origin story of the village's name, which means “skull’ in Finnish. According to the story, the village’s name stems from a fishing expedition out on one of the lakes, when one of the nets came up with a human skull in it. There are many hiking trails around the village of Kallo and a wide range of hunting and berry-picking grounds.


Location: Roughly 40 km southwest of the village of Kittilä

Population: About 160

Places of interest: Cross-country skiing tracks, hiking trails, beaches, bird-watching towers, fishing grounds, well-preserved old buildings and an official shooting range.


Kallo info sign (2012)

Kallo village video on You Tube summer 2010.

Contact information

Kallo web page (in Finnish) kallo.lappi.fi



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