Instructions for moving on the routes

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- One must stay on the marked routes.

- Directions and traffic signs on the snowmobile routes must be followed at all times.

- A snowmobile must be registered and insured.

- Driving on the routes requires at least T-class driver's licence (15 years).

- A driver and a passenger must wear a helmet.


Please observe that snowmobile routes in Kittilä are made official by surveying and they are subject to orders about snowmobiling in the road traffic act. The police monitors the snowmobile traffic on the official routes. The highest allowed speed on the routes is 60 km/h, on ice-covered waters it is 80 km/h unless ordered differently by regulations.


The highest allowed speed for a snowmobile with a sleigh and passengers is 40 km/h.


Routes that are marked on ice are guidelines. Everyone should observe the carrying capacity of the ice while on it. Moving on ice is on everyone's own responsibility.


There can be changes on the routes and they will be notified on the municipality's web pages, and also on the routes. Please follow the signs on the routes.

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