Housing and building

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There is a lot of room to live and build in Kittilä. There are detached houses, rental appartments as well as good conditions for free-time residence in Kittilä. The objective of housing politics in Kittilä is to produce appartments as needed and ease cramped housing conditions for those affected by it. It is also an objective to get broadband or wireless connections for the whole municipality. The main goal of developing housing stock is to build new houses. The municipality is equipped to start building new rental appartments. There is a good supply of sites for detached houses and free-time residences.

In the housing and building section you can find information concerning matters of housing and building in Kittilä, such as rental appartments, detached houses and living in service units. There is also information about issues regarding heating, power, water, sewarage, building and permits, recycling, waste management and green areas in the living environment. Technical department gives advice in many matters connected with housing and building. Rental appartments are provided by Kittilä Rental Appartments Oy.

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