Health clinics and health guidance

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Health clinics

The work in health guidance clinics is a central part of promoting health and preventing diseases in basic health care. Health clinic gives information, guidance and directions in matters of importance to adults and families with children. Such matters are health promotion and support in everyday life.

Services of our health clinics are provided by public health nurses, who work according to residential areas.

E-mail addresses of the public health nurses: first name.last name(at)

Reservations by phone at following times:

Mon-Fri 10-11 a.m.

School health nurses Mon-Thu 8-9 a.m., 3-4 p.m., and Fri 8-9 a.m.


Maternity clinic

Services of the maternity clinic are aimed at the entire family. The objective is to ensure the best possible health for the expecting mother, fetus, newborn and family members. Tasks of the clinic include monitoring a pregnancy, screening for problems in a pregnancy, directing risk-bearing pregnancies into care, prenatal coaching, helping parents prepare for parenthood and supporting relationships.

Public health nurse, midwife Eija Takalokastari, phone number 040 525 5294

Public health nurse, midwife Saija Jauhojärvi, phone number 040 716 0248


Child welfare clinic

The work in child welfare clinics aims at improving welfare of children and families. A child welfare clinic supports parents in safe, child-oriented upbringing and in good child care and in a relatioship between parents.

Children's regular physical examinations to monitor growth and development are performed in ages 1-2 weeks, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 months and in ages 1, 1½, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 years. When a child is between 1-3 weeks old, the meeting takes place at a family's home. Additional visits in a child welfare clinic can be made according to the need of the child and family.

Public health nurse Maija Rahko, phone number 040 525 5296

Public health nurse Eija Takalokastari, phone number 040 525 5294

Public health nurse Saija Jauhojärvi, phone number 040 716 0248


School and student health care

The objective of school and student health care is to promote welfare in student community and pupils' health, and support healthy growth and development. This is done in cooperation with the students, parents, teachers and the personnel in students welfare. A school health nurse and a school doctor are responsible for school health care.

Contact information


Birth control clinic

Birth control clinic gives advice in family planning and sexual health. You can contact the clinic in matters concerning contraceptives and planning pregnancy, or if you suspect a venerial disease contagion. The family team in health care consists of a public health nurse and a doctor.

People who start birth control receive a nine month supply of contraceptive pills free of charge.

Public health nurse Saija Jauhojärvi, phone number 040 716 0248
Public health nurse Eija Takalokastari, phone number 040 525 5294
Public health nurse Karita Kajanki, phone number 040 525 5296


Students' birth control clinic

Telephone times for school health nurses Mon-Wed between 8-9 and 15-16, and Thu - Fri 8-9.
Comprehensive school classes 7-9 and Levi Institute:
Public health nurse Heli Harju, phone number 040 673 5324
Upper secondary school:
Public health nurse Minna Kantola, puhelin 040 825 6677


Vaccinations and tourist health guidance

In vaccination guidance family vaccinations are checked as well as the need for vaccinations or medicines for the target country. Also necessary recipes are acquired.

Pulic health nurse Karita Kajanki, phone number 040 525 5296


Diabetes clinic

The clinic offers health advice for:

  • diabetics, preventing and monitoring diabetes

Telephone time and appointments, weekdays between 12-13

Public health nurse Anne Vierelä, phone number 040 5255 295

Public health nurse Merja Piekkari, phone number 040 137 2422

More information on diabetes, please visit: Finnish Diabetes Association


Adult clinic

In a health clinic you will receive guidance for

  • diabetes (read more about diabetes clinic)
  • people who want to have their memory tested
  • overweight people
  • people with cardiovascular diseases
  • those who are planning to travel abroad
  • people who want to check their living habits

Telephone time and appointments, weekdays between 12-13

Piekkari Merja, phone number 040 137 2422
- Region: riverside of Kittilä village, Raattama, Rauhala, Tepasto, Köngäs, Pulju, Lompolo, Rautuskylä. Hanhimaa, Pokka, Sirkka, Kelontekemä, Kiistala, Tepsa.
- Diabetes nurse
- Physical examinations
- Memory clients
- Work in senior clinic
- Secondary clinics in villages

Vierelä Anne, phone number 040 525 5295
- Region: west side of Kittilä village, Kallo, Kaukonen, Alakylä, Helppi, Kinisjärvi, Vuoma, Molkojärvi
- work of a diabetes nurse
- physical examinations
- physical examinations for the unemployed
- memory clients
- work in senior clinic
- secondary clinics in villages
Secondary clinics in villages soffer guidance in health-related matters for adults and seniors, for instance in monitoring diabetes, blood pressure and memory. Also blood tests are taken when necessary.

Karita Kajanki, phone number 040 525 5296
- Tourist health guidance and injections

E-mails for public-health nurses: first name.last name(at)


Memory clinic

If you are worried about your own memory or memory of your close one, contact memory nurse.

Memory nurse Merja Piekkari, phone number 040 137 2422,  weekdays between 12-13

Clients of home care services, please sontact memory nurse Ulla Siirtola, phone number 040 706 0460.

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