Health centre fees

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Fees in Kittilä health centre (year 2020)


The health centre fee

After the first visit each year, the annual fee will be charged automatically, unless a patient visits the patient office and informs/calls that he or she wants to pay for one visit.

  • annual fee 37,80 € (valid for one year).


  • payment per visit 18,90 €, charged for two visits during one year
  • Health centre fees are charged only from people who are over 18 years.


Emergency duty fee

  • The fee, 26,10 €, is charged for every visit on weekdays between 20.00-8.00 and for visits on Saturdays, Sundays and holy days. Emergency duty fee is charged even if you have paid the annual fee.
  • Charged only for people over 18 years.


Nurse's reception

  • 10,50 €, charged for three visits during one year
  • intravenous medical tratment 20,00 €/day, charged for three visits during one year
  • Charged only for people over 18 years.


Private sector treatments ordered by doctor

  • 37,80 €


Individual physiotherapy

  • 10,50 € for one visit


Health centre day charges in a ward

  • 44,900 € for a day
  • short-term care fee for a patient in a follow-up care 20,70 €
  • people under 18 years are charged for not more than 7 days a year for care in a ward, even if there are more days.


A doctor's certificate

  • 46,60 €
  • a certificate for a driver's licence 56,10 €
  • no age limit


An uncancelled appointment

  • if an appointment is not cancelled the patient will pay 46,60 €. Valid for people over 15 years


Services during a home caretaker's vacation

- 11,40 € a day (does not raise the maximum charge)

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