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Kittilä is a vibrant, growing municipality in Lapland. The migration-strong municipality was the sixth most attractive municipality in Finland in 2016. According to the population forecast for 2030, Kittilä will be one of the municipalities with the most growth. The largest industries in the Kittilä area are tourism and mining. Levi, in the village of Sirkka in Kittilä, is the leading year-round tourism and event center in Finland and the Kittilä mine, operated by Agnico Eagle Finland, is Europe's largest gold mine. Kittilä airport is international and vibrant, with plenty of connections between Finland and other parts of Europe.


Here you can breathe what has been proven to be the world's cleanest air. In the Kittilä area you can find one of the three most visited Finnish national parks, Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park. The municipality has many tourist and cultural attractions as well as nature attractions.  There are about 6,400 residents in the municipality in a large area of over 8,000 square kilometers. Kittilä's great location, comprehensive services, convenient connections and stunning nature provide a good setting for residents, tourists and businesses. The terrain is shaped by several magnificent fells, extensive bogs and the large and free-running Ounasjoki River flowing through the municipality. Distinct seasons, snowy winters, frosts and Northern Lights, the short quickly blooming spring, the nightless nights of summer and brilliant autumn colors can be seen in nature in the area.


Explore the region in more detail with the following presentations and on the organizations' websites. Presentations are made by the organizations themselves for general use, so they can be freely used to highlight the region. Presentations are updated at least once a year.

Kittilä municipality

Kittilä in brief - the area and facts and figures

The presentation was updated in September 2019

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For more information visit our website

Kittilän kylät - Enämpi elämistä -esite

Kittilän kylät - Enämpi elämistä -video

Oy Levi Ski Resort Ltd

A concise presentation of the Levi Ski Resort,
or in other words the Levi elevator company.

The presentation was updated in Spring 2019

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For more info visit Levi Ski Resort's web page


Levi Tourist Office, Visit Levi

You can find a wealth of information about the services, events and activities in the area on Visti Levi website.

Visit Levi is a joint marketing company in the Levi area.

Visit web page


Agnico Eagle Finland - the Kittilä mine

The largest gold mine in Europe is the Kittilä mine, operated by
Agnico Eagle Finland Oy.

The presentation was updated in October 2017

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More information on the mine's website


Kittilä airport

On the Kittilä airport website you can find information about flights to and from Kittilä.

More information on the Kittilä airport's web page



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