Day care centres

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There are five day care centres in the municipality of Kittilä, three in Kittilä village, one in Sirkka and one in Raattama. The same application is used in all of them (and for private day care in families) when applying for a place. Group sizes in day care centres depends on age distribution of children. Download the application on page (in Finnish). Contact info: firstname.surename(at)

Day care centre Pikkumettä (in Kittilä)

Day care centre Pikkumettä is located in address Havutie 4 and it is open between 5.45 AM to 11 PM, Nov-Apr also weekends.

Contact information
Day care centre Pikkumettä, Havutie 4, 99100 Kittilä
Director of day care centre: Kaija Takala, tel. 040 487 7554

Preschool Puolukkaposket, tel.  040 652 9160
Preschool Kuusenkerkät, tel.  040 167 8029
Day care / interval group for 3–5-year-old children Tuppurat, tel. 0400 315 567
Day care / interval group for 1–3-year-old children Tiitiäiset, tel. 040 730 9336
Group for 1–4 year-old children, Sinitähdet, tel. 040 631 3834
Kitchen, tel. 0400 356 449


Day care centre Muksula (in Kittilä)

There are 63 places in Muksula, located next to the junior high school, in address Havutie 2. It is open between 6.45–17.15.

Mervi Kurtakko, director of day care centre
Tel. 040 7033 380
E-mail: muksula(at), mervi.kurtakko(at)

Kissankulma, an all-day group for 0–4-year-old children, tel. 0400 356 451
Vaahteramäki, an all-day group for 3–5-year old children, tel. 0400 356 450
Preschool Huvikumpu, for 5-year old children and preschool children tel. 0400 356 448

Day care centre Oravanpesä (in Sirkka)

Oravanpesä day care centre in Sirkka has 65 places in it, and it is located next to the Sirkka school in address Ounasjoentie 23. In this interval day care centre that provides also night-time care.

Day care centre Oravanpesä, Ounasjoentie 23, 99130 Sirkka
Eija Metsärinta, director
Tel. 040 8279 250
E-mail: sirkan.paivakoti(at), eija.metsarinta(at)

Metsäpirtti, an all-day group for 0–2-year-old children. Phone number 0400 356 467
Tunturitupa, an all-day group for 3–4-year-old children. Phone number 0400 356 465
Niittykota, an all-day group for 4–5-year-old children. Phone number 0400 356 466

Preschool groups
Hepat, tel. 0400 326 393
Ketut, tel. 040 649 5605


Day care centre Mäntymaja (in Sirkka)

Mäntymaja day care centre in Sirkka has 54 places in it, and it is located in addresses Levin Ympärystie 1 and Siimeksentie 19 (Köngäs). It is open between 7.30–16.30

Day care centre Mäntymaja, address: Levin Ympärystie 1, 99130 Sirkka
Katja Lehmuslehti, director
Tel. 040 681 1206
E-mail: sirkan.paivakoti(at), katja.lehmuslehti(at)

Peukaloiset, a day group for 1-3-year-old children, tel. 040 652 9382
Perhoset, a day group for 3-5-year-old children, tel. 040 837 4310
Tiittarit (in Köngäs), a day group for 0-5-year-old children, tel.040 683 1782



Day care centre Aurinkotuuli (in Raattama)

One of the smallest day care centres in Finland is located next to Raattama's school in address Ounasjoentie 5463. The centre is open between 7.30–16.30. There is one group with 7 places for 0–6-year-old children.

Day care centre Päiväkoti aurinkotuuli, address: Ounasjoentia 5463, 99340 Raattama
Tel.  040 747 2075
Eija Metsärinta, director
Phone number 040 8279 250
Email sirkan.paivakoti(at), eija.metsarinta(at)

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