Children's day care and early education

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A form for day care can be found at Forms on these pages.

Kittilä offers a versatile and interesting environment for children's day care and early education. Clearly defined seasons, closeness of nature, a peaceful rhythm of life and a strong local culture affect a child's self expression and behaviour. These factors have been considered in the early education plan of the municipality. We emphasize playing, exercise and nature in planning education.


In children's day care education is planned considering each child and their personal qualities. A child's point of view is emphasized as well as the parents' position as experts in bringing up their children. The early education plan of a child is meant to be created with the parents and the day care personnel together. The purpose of this is to bring together the expert knowledge of the parents and skills and experience of the day care workers in order to design a working plan for a child. The practices are agreed on at the beginning of a period. The plan follows a child until he/she starts school.


Day care centres and preschool

Day care centres are located in Sirkka, Kittilä (Muksula and Pikkumettä) and Raattama. Children's day care in private families takes place in a caretaker's home, or in a three-family day care and in group-family day care centres. Interval day care is arranged in Sirkka and in Kittilä's Pikkumettä day care centre. Moreover, it is possible to ask for temporary day care.


Preschool is organized in connection with elementary schools in Alakylä, Kaukonen and Raattama. In Sirkka and Kittilä preschool works in day care centres. The importance of cooperation is emphasized in preschool as well. The best way to support a child's individual growth and development is to cooperate with families. Every autumn we create a preschool plan for a child who is entering preschool from different forms of day care. This is a continuation for the individual plan that the child has had in day care. Education goals, principles and each child's personal preschool goals are agreed upon in conversations with the parents.


Support in different phases

In spring we have a meeting where we discuss transition to school. In this meeting the essential knowledge about a child's development, need for support, transportation needs and a need for an assistant is passed on to a teacher who is responsible for basic education. Parents and a child together fill in a First Day-form which the parents return to the teacher. This is to ensure a seamless and flexible transition from day care to preschool and eventually school.


Special day care is available for children who for some reason need more support in some stages of their development. In special day care a child receives a learning environment that is suitable for his/her individual needs. A child also receives an individual rehabilitation plan that states his/her strengths and skills that still need training. Special early education is available in day care centres and in day care in private families in Kittilä.


Applying for a place in day care

Applications for a place in day care are available in Kittilä web pages,, or you can get an application at the day care office or in a nearby day care centre. Period of application is four months and two weeks in unforeseen cases. For this reason an application must be valid also from parents who are unemployed and looking for employment. Read more about applying for a place in day care in day care practices.


The municipality of Kittilä pays a so-called municipal bonus for private care and children's home care support. You can find more information about municipal bonus and anything else connected with day care in day care and early education web pages. You can also ask more in the day care office of the municipality. Contact information can be found in day care contact information.

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