Bed ward

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There are 30 beds and 2 monitoring places in the bed ward. 7 of the beds are meant for long-term patients. Our ward is divided into two modules. Module A is meant for patients in acute care. In module B  are places for long-term patients.


The following occupational groups belong in the personnel of the bed ward: a doctor, nurses, basic care nurses, a physiotherapist, a speech therapist, a pharmacist, institutional maintenance, a ward nurse and a ward secretary. In the bed ward we take care of patients in examinations and rehabilitation who have suddenly taken ill, patients who come to receive further treatment after specialized nursing and long-term patients.


The ward personnel also takes care of urgent non-institutional care outside office hours. The following values guide the ward: humanity, equality, justice and quality.


Visiting hours in the ward: 12-14 and 18-19.30.

Other times according to agreement.


Kittilä health centre/bed ward contact information:



Calls for patients +358 (0)40 540 9050

Ward nurses, phone numbers +358 (0)40 845 2223, +358 (0)40 180 7371

Main ward nurse, phone number +358 (0)40 716 9067

Ward help, phone number +358 (0)400 356 459

Fax 016 642 311

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