Basic vocational training

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Levi Institute is a part of Lapland Vocational College, a branch of education federation of municipalities in Rovaniemi. It provides schooling in tourism, basic vocational training in hotel and restaurant business, and adult education all over Lapland. Professional skills are acquired in cooperation with working life and travel business in the area. Youth worker and leisure-time instructor schooling are basic vocational training.

Lapland and internationality are important in Levi Institute. Lapland travel and experience-based programme and travel services, restaurant and accommodation services, livelihood services for customers and youth and leisure-time instruction are central issues in development and schooling. Every year a part of the students complement their professional skills abroad in an international environment and working life.

After taking basic vocational training in levi Institute you can become

- producer of tourism service
- tourism officer
- chef
- waiter / waitress
- hotel clerk
- youth worker and leisure-time instructor


Lapland vocational college, Levi Institute
Valtatie 82
99100 Kittilä

Chief of education: Riitta Karusaari
Phone number: 020 798 4418
e-mail: riitta.karusaari(at)


In Lapland Vocational College you can study many basic degrees in different fields. Also adult education is offered in demonstration degrees. Other branches of Lapland Vocational College are in Sodankylä, Rovaniemi and Ranua.


Other vocational schools in Lapland, that offer basic degrees:

- Lappia Vocational College operates in  Muonio, Kolari, Pello, Tornio, Kemi, Keminmaa, Tervola and Simo.
- Sámi Education Institute offers education in Enontekiö, Inari, Ivalo and Kaamanen
- Santasport Institute is located in Rovaniemi
- Eastern Lapland Vocational College works in Kemijärvi.


In some colleges it is possible to study your degree also as multiform and internet studies . Vocational training is also offered by Rovala Institute in Rovaniemi and the Christian College in Ylitornio.

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