Art museum Einari Junttila

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Address: Sammontie 5, 99100 Kittilä

Phone number: +358 40 70 34 657

The art museum is open on Thursdays between 13-17, other times on agreement. The artist's 115 years commemorate exhibition is on display.


Einari Junttila was considered to be among the most talented watercolourists in the 1930's when exhibitions in
Germany and Helsinki started his artist career. The artist received international acclaim and had invitational exhibitions in Finland and abroad.


In his art Junttila recorded especially old, original Lapland but he also portrayed later times. His work showcases the untouched nature and Lapland mentality at their best. The "lyrical realist" came up with the subjects for his paintings from his home, the natural surroundings of Kittilä: fells, forest ponds, creeks, bogs and riverside meadows. He provided livelihood with his brush for his family of nine.


Art museum Einari Junttila


The art museum is Einari Junttila's home and art environment which he rebuilt after the war on the foundations of the house that he had built in the 1930's. The museum was founded in 28.12.1991, 90 years after his birth. The founder of the museum and the current owner is Terttu Junttila, the artist's daughter. She has collected the exhibition from private collections.


The works of Einari Junttila can be found in following collections: Ateneum Art Museum, Helsinki Military Museum, Kemi Art Museum, the municipality of Kittilä (four historical works), art collection of the city of Rovaniemi. There are many other art museums that display his works.

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